Vote Now: Don't Miss Entries from Week 2

Small Cool Contest

So many Small Cool entries, so little time! The response to this year's Small Cool Contest has been outstanding! These 36 entries are just the latest. Take a look through them all and vote for your favorites. There's also still time to enter your own small cool space into the contest!

• Tiny: Amy & J.T.'s Favorite Things
• Tiny: Susan's 1830's Style Small Home
• Little: Dan'l's Caretaker's Apartment
• International: France's Period Features
• International: Christian's Creative Playground

• Tiny: Sara's Meaningful Pieces
• Teeny-Tiny: Diana's Skylit Studio
• International: Laura's Sao Paulo Smaller Space
• Tiny: Mikki's Student Studio
• International: Valeria's Free-Flowing Space

• Little: Lisa's Smaller Footprint
• Little: Shruti's Gorgeous Views
• Tiny: Elizabeth & Derek's Lots to Love
• International: Aldo's Different Looks
• Small: Jennifer's Best of the Best

• Teeny-Tiny: Ann Marie's Charming Features
• International: Leah's Big Window
• Tiny: Elizabeth's Painted Wall
• Tiny: Jeffrey's Neighborhood Connection
• Teeny-Tiny: Paige's People Make the Home

• Small: Jeremy's Personal Stories
• Teeny-Tiny: Samantha's Art Project
• Tiny: Kathryn's Lucky Location
• Tiny: Rich's Wondering Mind
• Teeny-Tiny: Jason's Charm & Potential

• Little: Kim & Scott's Small Footprint
• Teeny-Tiny: Anna's Treetop Home
• Teeny-Tiny: Charlotte's Decorative Arrangement
• Teeny-Tiny: Jacqueline's Big Statement
• International: Neslihan's One Open Space

• Tiny: Joe's Clever Ways
• Little: Sharon's Outstanding Light
• Little: Mike's Original Details
• International: Nicola's Skyline Views
• Little: Tracy's Room for Reading

• Tiny: Tom's Key Things