Vote Now! Midwest Colors 2008 Showdown

Vote Now! Midwest Colors 2008 Showdown

Janel Laban
Oct 21, 2008

Which colorful home gets your vote today? Let us know: Midwest #11: Jesse's Tuned In Space vs. Midwest #33: Gretchen's Color Combos...

Today's other Midwest Match-up:
#7: Zohreh's Anti-Depressant Color vs. #32: Maya & Michaels Saturated Colors

Head over to the regional Contest Brackets to place your votes for all of today's match-ups in the Fourth Annual Fall Colors Contest:

  • The strongest 16 entries in each region were chosen by our judges and have been moved into the bracket.

  • In our bracketed voting period (beginning 10.20) each regional finalist will compete for reader's votes until only one remains. Each bracketed face off lasts 24 hours — voting is open from 3:00am(EST) to 3:00am the next day (12:00am(PST)

  • The four finalists from each U.S. region will compete against one another on Thursday, 10.30.

  • The two finalists who remain will compete against one another from Friday, 10.31 until noon PST on Monday, 11.3 at which point voting will be closed and the winner announced.