Vote! Small Cool Kitchens Week 2

Small Cool Kitchens 2012

We're deep into our Small Cool Kitchens Contest! Let's look back at the second week of entries, with some truly beautiful and smart favorites among them. Check out the past week's entries below, and vote for your favorites!

Jennifer's Bright Red Bakery Kitchen
Jaime's Compact California Kitchen
Carrie's Sweet and Natural Kitchen
Amy's Stylish and Bright Kitchen
Jackie's Well-Equipped LA Kitchen
Sandee's Light, Compact & Efficient Space
Meleah's Economical Minneapolis Kitchen

Rachel's Artisan-Made Ohio Kitchen
Jerilyn's Fresh, Light Kitchen
CT's Perfect Cheerful Blue Kitchen
Bryce's Kitchen of Memories
Lauryn's Bright & Cheerful Retro Kitchen
Emily's Small Seattle Home Kitchen
Lauren's Cheery Blue Chicago Kitchen
Olga's Colorful Green Kitchen
Scott's Beer-Brewing Colorado Kitchen

Katie's Clean and Simple Kitchen
Esther's Inviting Antwerp Kitchen
Shel's Lively Personality Kitchen

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