We've been noticing an ever growing flock of this proud bird species around the web of late and thought it was about time we put together a collection of some of our favorites.

Here are 10 pretty peacocks just waiting to strut their stuff for you.

1. Pretty Blue Peacock by Ellen Giggenbach ($18)
2. Bobbi by jenskelley ($19)
3. Pretty by Ubabub ($69)
4. Green Peacock by Sally Boyle (£10)
5. The Paper Peacock by Caroline Rose Art (£13)

6. Peacock by IleanaH ($15)
7. A Little Colorful Peacock by dekanimal ($25)
8. Shy Peacock by artistscs28 ($15)
9. Custom Art Print PEACOCK -- Choose your size and colors by I Adore Decor ($13)
10. All That Print by Haybox (£20)