Wall Color For Outdated End Rental?

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Q: I've always moved around a lot. Since graduating from Boston University three years ago, I finally found an affordable, relatively large & sunny, but wildly outdated apartment in Boston's North End. I acquired some furniture that fits the space, and decorated a little, but…

…the off-white/beige color of the walls makes me feel like I'm still living in a dorm room! (Side note — you should see the fully tiled mustard yellow bathroom with mustard yellow everything, but that's a different problem.) My landlord said I could paint the walls as long as it was nothing too dramatic, so I was curious what color would match my existing green couch and would also help me feel a little bit more like it was my space? I'm a bubbly, bright-color-loving girl with no design sense whatsoever, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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