Wall Color Ideas for Kitchen Renovation?

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Q: I'm about to start renovating my kitchen using units from IKEA, but with custom doors and copper handles from superfront.com and custom Carrera marble worktops. I've attached images of the door colors.

The grey will be on the base units and the light green on the wall units, plus on the units in the recess surrounding the fridge. In the same image you can see the flooring that will be installed and the copper handles I will be using. My oven and hob will be black, plus I also have an original black stove dating back to the 1890s which I will be making a feature of in the renovation. (The pic below shows it as it is currently.) My question is, with all this going on, what color do you think would work on the walls (in a 3 meter (about 10 foot) high room)?

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