(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The AquaVista 500 just got super sized and now comes in a panoramic 20 and 25 gallon version. Measuring only 6" deep, it'll accommodate all but the chubbiest fish and comes complete with an automatic feeder, filtration, heater, air pump, light and touchscreen control panel.

Fairly plug and play, the Aquavista Panoramic comes with 2 steel reinforced mounting brackets which allow you to hang the aquarium like a flat screen TV, add water, and your water loving friends. It comes in black or silver and is available in two dimensions: 5 ft or 6 ft wide.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Product Highlights:

  • Low Maintenance, requires less than 15 minutes per month

  • No Daily Care – complete with embedded Automatic Feeder

  • Pre-assembled

  • Dual filtration system

  • Heater

  • Air pump

  • Lighting

  • Easy to use control that simplifies all functions.

  • Carbon Dioxide Generator

  • Programmable touch-screen