Wall Mounted Origami Speaker Cabinets

Wall Mounted Origami Speaker Cabinets

Sonia Zjawinski
Feb 2, 2009

There are plenty of strange speakers out there, as we saw last week, but occasionally people think outside the box in a more subtle way. Etsy seller Jonathan Gomez Whitney has come up with a unique way to pump up the jams. His Origami speakers feature 4" midrange drivers, covered by a folded 1/4" ply with Birch veneer cabinet. "The cone shape and the density of the wood make for a rich mid range sound and a strong projection. I have been revising this prototype for years and am finally ready and excited to list them for sale."

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They are sold in sets of two and can be mounted to the wall with a small bracket.

Gomez Whitney used to work at Urban Outfitters, and then built furniture for celebrities.

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