Too Many LCD TVs

Too Many LCD TVs

Jonathan B.
Aug 27, 2008

If you're thinking about buying a new, energy-saving* LCD TV or display, it may pay off to wait for a few months...

*see qualifier after the jump

The New York Times reports that supplies of LCD TVs and computer displays are way up, and despite the glut, several big manufacturers are increasing their production.

This is a classic setup for a price war. The overload is setting the stage for an inventory overload this fall—and correspondingly low prices from retailers and manufacturers who will be desperate to get them out of warehouses.

*Oh, and that energy saving rationale for buying a shiny new TV? Generally speaking, replacing an older cathode ray tube TV or computer display with the same size of LCD saves energy. But upgrade to a much larger screen, as many people are, and there's a good chance you're wiping out any energy savings. And make sure you're getting an energy saving LCD, not a power hog plasma.

image via by jmgriffin

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