Wall-Mounted Bathroom Storage

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Storage

Sarah Coffey
Mar 5, 2008

Bathrooms don't usually have a lot of room for storage furniture, so wall-mounted pieces can save space while providing much-needed storage. Click below for some options.

Top: This Steel Cube Wall-Mounted Cabinet from the Container Store is $477.89, and the modular compartments can be rearranged into different configurations.

These Freden Wall Shelves from IKEA ($39.99 each) are paired with a Bekvam Step Stool ($14.99) for easy access.

West Elm's Metal/Wood Bath Accessories contain a range of towel bars, wall-mounted shelves, hooks, and rings for $16 - $44.

Vitra's Utensilo has been a hold-everything organizer since 1969. It comes in two sizes and runs between $300 and $400.

Other suggestions for wall-mounted bathroom storage?

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