Wall-Mounted Craft Stations

Wall-Mounted Craft Stations

Sarah Coffey
Nov 9, 2009

If you like to make things and you live in a small space, you know that organizing your supplies can be an issue. You might have a corner desk that you use as a sewing table, or maybe you use your dining room table as a work surface. If you're starved for storage space, consider looking up.

Many stores sell wall-mounted organizers designed specifically to hold crafts. Or, you can take the DIY route and make your own pegboard craft station. Another option is to repurpose a floating bookshelf or a kitchen/bathroom storage rail to hang your stuff. One of our favorite ideas comes from the Pink Sink's craft room, where a hanging fruit basket holds embroidery supplies. For more inspiration, click through the following links.

1 String Pocket by Nisse Strinning
2 Wall Mounted Craft Organizer from Pottery Barn
3 Shauna and Stephen's Lively Loft
4 Degerkas' Sewing Room
5 The Pink Sink's Cozy Craft Room

Photos: String, Pottery Barn, Kristen Lubbe, Degerkas, The Pink Sink

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