Wallpapered Dresser

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Remember when we were all "did you know you could buy wallpaper by the yard?" and you were all "(yawn) okay, whatever."? Well maybe this wallpapered dresser project will wake you up to the possibilities.

This Daydream wallpaper designed by Julia Rothman is stealing quite a few hearts these days (and stealing the show in Mallory's room) and it's one of five designs Hygge & West sells by the yard*. Do you know of other sources for remnants or small quantities of wallpaper?

You can see the "before" shot of this dresser by Hygge & West customer Misty here where you'll also see her DIY wallpapered key hanger.

*(H&W is currently sold out of Daydream by the yard in all colorways except Mica. If you're in love with one of the other colors, perhaps you could round up a few friends to split a roll?)

(Via Picnics Under the Moon)

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