Wallplates: Lightswitch Meets Industrial Design Innovation

Wallplates: Lightswitch Meets Industrial Design Innovation

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 26, 2008

Sometimes improvements on the most minuscule objects around the house can hit you like a ton of bricks, creating an entirely new market for items nobody has ever paid attention to nor thought about. Take Justin Porcano's work for example; his Wallplate turns regular lightswtich plates into massive drool appeal by creating functional drop boxes for mail and keys. Clever? You betcha.

Update: Correction, it's Justin, not Justine! Apologies for the typo!

These look perfect for small spaces and people on the move, and we can't wait to see these go into mass production! Target and other companies are already knocking on his doorstep for rights to mass produce. More of Justin Porcano's work can be found at his design firm's website Upwell Design.

[via Josh Spear]

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