(Image credit: David John Dick / Disc Interiors)

Last week Andie posted about the inspiring Sunset Idea House located just south of Los Angeles. While the house has many moments to exclaim over, it was the wall treatments in two of the rooms that really jumped out at me. David John Dick of Disc Interiors, who, along with his partner Krista Schrock, was responsible for the house, shared that they were both looks that could easily be re-created at home.

(Image credit: Stefania Serena)

In the study, it's the wallpaper that takes the room into "Wow!" territory. Not only does the mural underline the indoor/outdoor charm of California living, but it makes a room with a relatively small footprint feel expansive and inviting. The wallpaper was created from a photo of the California coastline taken by photographer Laure Joliet using a large format camera. The image was then printed on paper in black and white. With all four walls receiving the same treatment (the image is mirrored so it appears continuous), the image appears to fade into the ceiling, blurring the line between inside and outside.

Krista and David had the image printed at Design Your Wall. "The photo wasn't even that high of a resolution," David points out, good news if you're considering using a photo you snapped with your iPhone this summer. Along with their custom option (which can be printed on vinyl, mylar and canvas), there are also plenty of ready-to-hang wallpaper images available.

(Image credit: Stefania Serena)

Upstairs, in the children's room, it's the graphic and textured eight-foot-tall letters which spell out the word SEE (a play on words that references the room's vaguely nautical decor) that are the space's focus. Created by LONDUBH Studio, an LA-based decorative painting studio whose name means blackbird in Gaelic ("Birds symbolize the heavens and higher ideals. Black is the color of power and potential."), it's an easy DIY that can be recreated in at home with a little bit of scissor skills and some wallpaper paste. Outline your letters, then fill them in, collage-style, using a mix of papers to give the letters texture.

By the way, if you haven't seen the Sunset Idea House in person, you can check it out this weekend, along with five other homes sprinkled throughout LA's beach communities, as part of Sunset Magazine's first Home & Garden Tour.