Wang Jinsheng Studio Turntables

ICFF 2010

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair, or ICFF, is where the newest and some of the most exciting US and international decorative and furnishing designs are revealed for the domestic market (think CES for decor). The show isn't primarily known for home electronics, but since attending the last several years, we've noticed an ongoing and growing trend of home electronics being incorporated into the show. Here's one of our favourite product series spied within the first 10 minutes upon walking the show floor Saturday from Wang Jinsgeng Studio.

Designer Wang Jinsheng was kind enough to allow us to take a few photos of his beatiful sculptural turntable pieces created from salvaged stereo equipment. Record player arms were converted into gently gurgling water fountains or circular raked sand gardens, while other players exhibited worked as musical equipment but with raw natural materials as the foundation of form. If anything, his booth was the most serene section of the ICFF show and inspiration for anyone looking what to do with an extra non-working turntable.