Vintage Alarm Clocks from Clock Work Universe

Vintage Alarm Clocks from Clock Work Universe

Kristen Lubbe
Sep 28, 2010

We've talked about 10 Awesome Alarm Clocks before, but we're pretty sure none of them were vintage. We know how important recycling and reusing is, so we're making an effort to purchase used items. What better place to start than awesome vintage alarm clocks?

Alarm clocks are a part of everyday life for most people, unfortunately. There's nothing we hate more than having to wake up to them, but frankly, that's life. If we could have it our way, we'd wake up everyday when we actually wanted to.

In an effort to make the process a little easier, we found some amazing vintage alarm clocks from Etsy seller Clock Work Universe. Ranging in color from white to the brightest red — we've already seen about five we want to snatch up right now. It's also pretty helpful that they range in price from $25-$35.

Images: Clock Work Universe

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