Warm Your Office: Natural and Vintage Wood Desks

Warm Your Office: Natural and Vintage Wood Desks

Faith Durand
Mar 7, 2008

Wires, cables, gleaming metal and blinking lights - these are the trappings of the modern office. As much as we love our brushed steel iMac, however, the cold lights and white cords can feel cold and sterile.

One of the ways we hope to always keep our office a little warmer is through a natural wood desk. Here are a few of our favorite wood desks from past house tours on our sister home sites.

• Above is a huge old wooden table from a Los Angeles house: Stefanie's Old World Modern. We love the character of the old wood and the way it gently balances the laptop, monitor, and phone. It almost swallows them up in its warmth.

• This desk has no modern gadgets on it at all, but we can picture it with a big screen and a few cables running out of site behind its heavy bulk. We would stash peripherals and extra things away from sight in those two wide drawers. (See the rest of the tour here: SF House Tour: Monique and Richard's Apartment at a Glance.)

• This desk is not only missing a computer; it's going really retro with the typewriter! We love the idea of a vintage desk like this for a laptop. Drawers are good for squirreling away extra cables, memory cards, and gadgets.

• The clean lines and mid-century modern simplicity of this desk are so lovely - we're smitten. The warmth of the dark wood is very attractive to us; it's a great antidote to the modern chilly office.

(Both the above desks from AT: Chicago - Molly & Raúl's Green Muse)

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