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In our quest to keep our balcony plants alive, we were thrilled to find this article by local landscape and design expert Joel M. Lerner, the president of Environmental Design in Capitol View Park, Md. He recommends the following plants that work well in the DC area because they tend to be resilient, long-living, and good-looking...

- American hophornbeam ( Ostrya virginiana)

- Oriental spruce ( Picea orientalis)

- Iroquois viburnum ( V. dilatatum "Iroquois")

- Goshiki osmanthus ( O. heterophyllus "Goshiki")

- Blanket flower ( Gaillardia x grandiflora "Fanfare")

- Blue Hill salvia ( S. nemorosa "Blauhugel")

- Forget-me-not ( Brunnera macrophylla)

- Golden hops ( Humulus lupulus "Aureus")

Joel M. Lerner explains these DC plant choices in the Washington Post article. Which plants have worked well for you in DC?

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