(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Anyone with children appreciates the apparent lightning speed in which children grow and change. Imagine having the ability to watch it happen over and over again. With a simple recording device you have what it takes to watch your little one gradually grow a whole year in just one hour. That is, in 365 10-second chunks.

With our newly acquired camcorder and our newly born child we put this idea to test. And it worked brilliantly. Just 10 seconds a day for his first year and in the end, we have a one hour video that we enjoy on an annual basis. Sure, you'll run into skeptics. We did. But it really wasn't much trouble at all. And if you miss a day here or there? There's no harm in using that 20 seconds of awesome footage, that you can't live without. And at age six, our little video star finds the movie almost as riviting as the latest Disney movie.