Last week I looked at refillable glass bottles so this week it's all about water filters. Brita may be the first name that comes to mind when you think of water filters and pitchers but there are other options out there, including a few with recycling options... 

  • Mavea The filters for these pitchers can be returned to the company for recycling via postage paid envelopes. Pitchers and filters are sold at many popular retailers, including Williams-Sonoma and Amazon.
  • Tupperware You may associate them with their famous plastic bowls, but Tupperware also makes a water pitcher that uses filtration granules. 
  • PUR A runner-up to Brita in name recognition, these pitchers and filters are available at most major retailers. 
  • ZeroWater This company offers Ion Exchange filters for their pitchers. Their used filter recycling program offers $10 for every two filters returned. 
  • Dupont If you want some flexibility to your filtering, check out Dupont. They offer varying filtering levels and capacities.