Water New Trees Wisely with Slow Release Bags

Water New Trees Wisely with Slow Release Bags

Lauren Zerbey
Aug 1, 2011

This summer has been relentlessly hot and dry for many states, taking a toll on our trees and plants. One way to help newly-planted trees make it through the summer heat is to install slow release watering bags. They're inexpensive, easy to install and conserve more water than traditional methods. Find out more after the jump!

Slow release watering bags deliver a high volume of water directly to a tree's root structure, without wasting water through run-off or evaporation. Here's how they work: the bags are constructed of two layers of plastic with tiny holes in the bottom that allow water to fill and then slowly permeate into the soil. Affordable and easy to install (we used Treegator bags), simply zip the empty bag around the tree and use a garden hose to fill with water through the flap at the top of the bag. When the bags are no longer needed, they easily unzip and can be stored flat.

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(Image: Lauren Zerbey)

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