Maxwell Ryan
Mar 3, 2008

Please go to our new link for Waterworks.

Waterworks is for window shopping. Unlike most bath fixture shops, Waterworks only sells their own, high quality designs (tubs, sinks, hardware and tile), which is good if you love the look and have a lot of $$, or bad if you want a broader range of choices or are on a budget...

Originally a SoHo fixture, Waterworks set itself apart years ago by celebrating the vintage New York look, steering clear of modern Italian bathroom design. For example, Thomas O'Brien of Aero is one of their designers.

Waterworks sells everything that goes near water: tubs, sinks, "water closets", tile and all the hardware you could ever need. This is extremely chic stuff and meant to get you thinking about just how much fun it would be to spend a lot of money on your bathroom.

If bath accessories are your interest, Waterworks opened up an adjoining shop devoted to towels, robes, soaps and other nice stuff a few years back. This is a good stop during gift giving season.

Frommers says: The place to give that most sacred of rooms, the bath, a whole new, luxurious look.

Waterworks was sold a few years back by the founder and has grown into a national chain. Outside of the three NYC locations which are nicely listed here, you'll find dozens more all listed here.

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