New Renovator's Resource: Affordable Waterworks Studio

New Renovator's Resource: Affordable Waterworks Studio

Catrin Morris
Sep 22, 2011

Waterworks, known for its high-end bathroom fixtures and fittings, has launched a new collection called Waterworks Studio, which will offer simpler, more streamlined--and more affordable--versions of its top-shelf products. The collection appears in Waterworks showrooms this month and begins shipping in December.

According to a rep at the Georgetown showroom, the quality of the Studio Collection is on par with the main Waterworks collection. No shortcuts have been taken. What brings the price down (by as much as half) is that the collection is simpler and there are fewer options.

According to CEO Peter Sallick, "Typically, we approach design by exploring all kinds of details and materials, to give consumers the widest possible variety of options for custom bathroom designs," whereas with Waterworks Studio these options have been narrowed down to a handful of key pieces.

Another bonus is that the showrooms will keep a greater inventory of the new collection in stock, which makes the new lines especially appealing for people who want a quick turnaround on a bathroom renovation.

Among the new designs, the Flyte range is minimalist and sparse, whereas the Roadster series is reminiscent of a "dashing vintage sports car." The Highgate range is the most classic and traditional of the new offerings. In addition to fixtures, the Studio Collection includes a carefully selected array of wall tiles, bath accessories and towels.

Via: Elle Decor
Image: Waterworks Studio

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