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When the rest of the world wants to buy their significant other jewelry, they engrave a loving message to the underside. Usually something like, "You make my heart sing, Pookie Bear." Barf. When audiophiles get the chance to leave their loved ones a personal message around their wrist, they invent bracelets like these Sound Waveform Bracelets from The Sound Advice Project.

The Sound Advice Project exists as a way for parents to leave a loving and lasting bit of advice for their teens: Don't do drugs, you little punk!

Well, that's what mine would be for my imaginary children. But The Sound Advice Project suggests messages like "I believe in you" and "You have a gift; don't waste it on drugs." The messages are then transformed into real-life depictions of the sound of the words based on your recording on their Web site. The bracelet will only set you back $18.

But there's no reason you can't take advantage of this program, which donates the net proceeds from all bracelet sales no not-for-profit organizations dedicated to drug use awareness and prevention, to send a little geek-coded message to your audiophile boyfriend.

Try something like, "I love you more than Garage Band."

[ Via Geekologie ]