Way To Display Antique Pram Cover in Modern Nursery?

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Q: My first child is due in a few weeks — she will also be the first grandchild and the first great-grandchild for our family. As such, we received some amazing antiques and keepsakes to display in our nursery. One gift was this pram cover...

...that was handmade and embroidered by my great-grandmother for my grandmother in 1932. It is beautiful (although not really our style, which tends to be bright colors and Danish mid-century modern). We want to display it somehow, but don't want 1/3 of a wall taken up by this item that doesn't really match our nursery, which is black, white, orange, and green in a modern way. I was thinking a shadow box, but thought that maybe Apartment Therapy readers would have some better ideas. Thank you!!

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