Ideas for Hanging Curtain to Insulate
Front Door?

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Q: Do you know how during cold weather some cafes and small restaurants put up a curtain at the entrance, and it is hanging not directly over the door, but sort of on a curved rod? I'm looking to do something similar and need ideas.

We live in a townhouse with an open floor plan on the main floor and I have 11-month-old crawling twins that are spending most of the day on the floor. Every time the front door gets open, I can feel the warm air gets sucked right out, especially from the floors:

I also want to have some space between the door and the curtain, so you do not get chocked up with a fabric in your face as soon as you enter. I want to have an option of entering and being able to close the door behind you, before you actually go thru the curtains.

I was thinking about putting up a hospital curtain track, but really do not want to mess up the ceiling. And I feel like a curved shower rod does not have enough "arch" for my purposes. Plus, I'm not even sure if there is a way to put it over the door. Please, I need some ideas... badly!

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