Ways To Lighten the Look of a Mahogany Dining Table?

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Q: I need help trying to come up with a plan for this table. I picked up a very solid mahogany dining table with two drop leaves (the add-in leaves were all missing) for ten bucks.

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The table top is slightly warped where the joints are, despite the rock-solid base with thickly turned legs. I know it needs sanding to smooth things out, but I've been trying to determine if it's possible to paint the top white, or with chalk paint, on just the table top (including the drop leaves, of course) and have it look alright. The goal is to minimize the amount of dark wood without redoing the entire table... those turned legs would require way more patience and time than I have right now.

The table will be in a very small interior (a 706 square foot yurt) that's not as well lit as I'd like, and is mostly white and light gray, with a few pops of color throughout. Nothing else in the yurt will be of such dark wood — the black woodstove will be the only dark object. Any suggestions for how to lighten this table up a bit? Thank you, readers, for your always excellent taste and great ideas.

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