Ways To Revamp Kitchen with Full Reno Coming in Two Years?

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Q: We are moving into this house. The island will be going with current owner, as will the table that fits that nook on the wall. I'm kind of at a loss with what to do with this kitchen. I'm painting the walls white... but then what?

Do I take the nook out and put in some sort of "L"-shaped bar at the end of the counter for kiddos to eat with a space for food prep?? Do I put in some kind of island? It's a pretty narrow kitchen so can't be too big:

I don't LOVE the counters/backspash/etc. I feel like hardware would really update... but what else would help? I would rather not put too much in as a bigger revamp would be ideal in a year or two... but think it will be more like two. So we need to put in enough to make it functional/fun.

I always think you guys have the best advice and I would love some help here!

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