Ways to Upcycle Trunk into Functional Furniture?

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Q: I have a lovely trunk that I've used in nearly every room of my home. It's nothing special, but I really love it and have a sentimental attachment to it. I have always used it simply as a storage piece (at the foot of the bed, against a wall, etc.) In my new apartment, I'd like to repurpose the trunk in some way — ideally so that it works as both storage and furniture (I'm shorter on space than I was before!):

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The main issue is height — the trunk is only 12.5 inches tall, and while I did use it as a coffee table for a while (see photo), it was just too low, and felt strange with no space beneath it. I'd really like to use it as a bench, or maybe a window seat. I know the simple answer is to attach store-bought legs or a base to it, but I'd like to be more creative than that. Aside from the fact that I'm a grad student on a budget of zero, I'd like to keep in the spirit of the thing and create something DIY and upcycled.

So I'm looking for ideas and inspiration: how to add height, how to reuse the trunk in my home in a new way. I tried standing it on bricks (ew), and tried balancing it on an old coffee table base (looked like a poor man's MacGuyver). Any other unique ideas to get me started would be fantastic!

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