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We been on the lookout for an old card catalog or apothecary cabinet in our price range, since these multi-purpose pieces are so useful. They make great organizers, tables, and shelves.

Click through the links for photos and more information on each idea.

  1. Repurpose it into a mini bar.
  2. Transform it into a coffee table.
  3. Use it as a book and display shelf.
  4. Make it into a closet organizer.
  5. Organize art or craft supplies.
  6. Use one to store Legos or other small kids' toys.
  7. Use one with deep drawers to store DVDs or CDs.
  8. Organize your shoe collection.
  9. Put it on wheels and use it as a rolling storage bench.
  10. Organize your office supplies.

To search for shops that carry vintage storage pieces, click here.

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(Image: Vintage Card Catalog from V & M

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