Mosaic Art by Mary Engel

Mosaic Art by Mary Engel

Amy Azzarito
Feb 3, 2009

We have a soft spot for folk art, which may be why we responded so well to the work of Mary Engel. Mary will be included in an upcoming book by Garth Johnson of, which will feature 1,000 ideas for Creative Reuse, we seriously can't wait for this book. In the meantime, we're making due with perusing ExtremeCraft in hopes for a taste of what will be in the book. Mary Engel is definitely one of our favorites so far.

Mary Engel is an Athens, Georgia based artists who uses little porcelain figurines to make amazing mosaic sculptures most of which are inspired by her two dogs and the tradition of African grave markers and old Southern "Memory Jars". (We actually have our own DIY art project inspired by Memory Jars that we hope to share soon!)

For more fabulous crafts, check out ExtremeCraft.

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