How To: Hack a Toy Chest, by Martha Stewart

How To: Hack a Toy Chest, by Martha Stewart

Jun 28, 2007

We have heard this advice time and time again... for quick clean-ups, buy a toy trunk, and when you are short on time and need to clean, just sweep everything into it and close the lid.

The problem is, what you end up with is a trunk crammed with stuff, and instead of getting rid of mess, it just gets recreated in a more contained way. Sure, the stuff is off the floor, but this isn't teaching kids to clean or organize their belongings.

Luckily, we have Martha Stewart to the rescue, hacking a regular toy trunk to make it more practical and useable. With just a few modifications, she turns ordinary toy chests into really practical storage.

A few of our favorites from Martha's tips:

• pegboard and clear plastic pegboard shelves, attached to the sides of the trunk, serve as matchbox car 'parking'
• use a few strips of molding to support a false bottom, making the entire trunk storage accessible for smaller kids.
• clear mailing tubes, attached to the lid, make great race car holders.

There are lots of ideas here for hacking a toy chest, but the bottom line is simple: great storage solutions can be had with a little creative problem solving and some elbow grease.

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