We Just Aren't Ready to Quit These 4 'Dated' Design Trends

We Just Aren't Ready to Quit These 4 'Dated' Design Trends

Nancy Mitchell
Aug 1, 2016
(Image credit: T Magazine)

Fashion is fickle, and sometimes something that's super-popular one year is 'out' (or just a little overplayed) the next. Like you, I am thoroughly sick of faux taxidermy. But there are a few other design trends that other folks may be weary of that I still think are pretty great.

Shell chairs
We get it: these chairs, designed in 1948 by Charles and Ray Eames, are everywhere. But with good reason: they're comfortable, they're (kind of) affordable, and they look good with almost any decor. You wouldn't stop wearing skinny jeans just because all your neighbors were wearing them too, right? These are the Harry Potter of chairs: liking them might not set you apart from anyone else, but it's okay to like them anyway.

(Image credit: Dove Drury Hornbuckle)

Chalkboard paint
There was a moment, right around 2011 or so, where chalkboard paint had reached a level of almost ridiculous saturation. Anything you could possibly imagine being covered in chalkboard paint was. Chalkboard walls. Chalkboard chairs. Chalkboard piggy banks. Chalkboard refrigerators? It was all a bit much. But I think this made us lose sight of the fact that despite its having been a bit overplayed, chalkboard paint is actually pretty great. You can turn your walls into a chalkboard! Into a canvas for your imagination! If it appeals to you, chalkboard paint definitely deserves a place in your 2016 home. Just maybe only paint like, one thing.

(Image credit: Lonny)

Books by color
This is one trend that just won't die, and also one that never fails to provoke a certain amount of vehemence amongst its detractors. For those opposed to the idea, arranging one's books by color is an indication of an uncultured mind, one that values the aesthetic quality of books over the information they contain. But why can't you have it both ways? Isn't it possible to appreciate the way books look and what's in them? Arranging books by color just looks pretty — and for some people who are very visually minded, it may actually make it easier for them to find their books. So try not to judge, okay?

(Image credit: Nuevo Estilo)

Subway tile
Subway tile bores some people, and it reminds other people of an actual subway, which is maybe not an association you want with your kitchen or bathroom, and if that's you, that's okay. But in addition to its humble origins, subway tile is also incredibly affordable, super versatile and a great match for all kinds of different interiors, from the very traditional to the very modern. My prediction: not going anywhere anytime soon. We're here; we love subway tile; get used to it!

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