Bringing Your Style Outdoors

Bringing Your Style Outdoors

Abby Stone
Jun 9, 2008

We love how plants and flowers can add vibrancy and life to a home. Successful landscaping is the marriage between the style and colour of a home and the foliage to highlight the best features of both. But sometimes, as in this beautifully maintained home, the two elements fight for attention, with the result that neither wins.

The narrow border of plants overwhelms the pale colour of the house and the modern, spiky bushes fight with the architecture of the home. A dark coat of paint would be a better balance for this lush swatch of color and variety; a simpler border would complement the simple style of the home. When considering the landscaping of your own home, the same rules that apply inside, work outside:

  • COLOUR: Whether window box, front lawn or pocket sized garden, let the colour of your home, your fencing, or your garden path be your starting point. Are they warm (the red brown of lava rock) or cool (the icy white of flagstone)?
  • BALANCE: The 80/20 rule that works inside applies outside as well. Let neutrals -- whether green grass or variegated pea gravel -- support bright splashes of colour, whether that colour is natural (flowers) or man made (an inviting cluster of lawn furniture, piled with bright pillows).
  • UPKEEP: Decluttering works as well outside as it does inside. Deadheading your flowers, keeping your lawn mowed, and watering your plants regularly all contribute to an inviting garden space.
  • STYLE: Is your home modern, with strong square lines? A tangle of old growth roses may look fussy; if you like flowers, consider the whimsy of pathway of allium instead. Do you hate working in the garden? A cactus garden might be more your style (it's drought friendly too!)

Consider the whole picture when decorating the outside of your home and you'll be rewarded with a exterior that complements your interior and pleases your soul.