We Love Space Invaders Wrapping Paper!

Who knew gift wrapped presents covered in 8-bit aliens could look so darn chic under the Christmas tree?

We can think of no better way to present that new Nintendo DSi to your honey than giving it the old-school-meets-new-school treatment and wrapping it with Space Invaders-themed wrapping paper.

The muted-toned, double-sided wrap comes from Whimy Press' "Dude Wrap" collection (the other papers include spiders, bugs and a skull & crossbones), but we're equal opportunity geeks and think that this Space Invaders paper looks way better than that metallic Santa paper roll you've been using up for years, no matter what your gender.

Grab one double-sided 24" x 36"sheet of wrap for $4.50. Pricey? Sure. But it's worth having the most techie tree on the block.

Via GeekSugar

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