Wearable Cameras That Capture Every Moment In Life

Wearable Cameras That Capture Every Moment In Life

Joel Pirela
Aug 26, 2011

If you are a video blogger or just like to pretend to be one, these tiny wearable video cameras provide with a fantastic POV. Imagine active sports like mountain biking, skiing, surfing and even boxing, that would be something interesting to capture on video.

The Looxcie $199 bluetooth video camera, records almost exactly what you see. It can record up to one hour of video at 480p. When you see something interesting on your day, just press the little button on the side and a 30 second clip is saved to your Android or iPhone app. Is that easy!

Contour Video Camera
The Contour Video Camera created a name for itself in the extreme sports community. it's something you will see on professional BMX riders, surfers and dirt bike enthusiasts. It has the largest lens of any POV camera and captures 1080p video. The 2.8" aperture and 170 degree wide-angle with rotating lens, delivers great video with minimal distortion. It records and stream full HD with a small form factor.

uCorder Pockito IRDC260
The uCorder Camcorder is tiny enough that it can even go unnoticed. It's also a webcam combo that allows you the convenience of Wearable Video Recording plus the benefit of a Webcam. The 3.5-Inch Wearable Video Camera / Recorder can easily be attached to your clothing and is ideal for recording different aspects of your life, hands-free!