(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Angelenos, when the weather dips below 70 degrees during the daytime, you know it’s officially winter here in Los Angeles. It’s been toe-tingling brisk the last few days, especially late at night, when we’ve had to change out of our shorts, bikinis and flipflops and into parkas and long johns (that was just thrown in there to agitate our non-LA readers, whom I am sure are rolling there eyes, while huddling together in real cold climates).

But all joking aside, the colder climes mean it’s about that time to weatherproof the home, because nobody wants to come to an interior better suited for storing frozen foods. Check out this complete and helpful guide from Home Depot, that walks you through all the different areas of the house that deserve special attention. Sealing all the heat-loss areas in homes that lower your interior temps and increase your heating bills can make a big difference (I spent last night weatherproofing our bedroom window). So, set aside about 60 minutes and rock that caulk, work on your stripping and seal those gaps!