Weck 3/4 Liter Mold Jar

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.07.13

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Weck 3/4 Liter Mold Jar

• $3.25
Mill Mercantile

Visiting the remarkable Ann Hamilton show at the Central Park Armory this weekend, I spotted the performers (who read endlessly and silently write letters in long, long sittings) drinking water from a shape of Weck Jar I hadn't seen before. The Big Gulp of the German jar world, the 3/4 Liter Mold Jar is a nice big glass for water, beer or juice or an oversized solution to storing pencils, straws or anything like that. These jars are just beautiful in any size, and this is a new one for me.

You can also buy them directly from Weck - $19.50 for 6 jars right here.

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