All Natural: 20+ Gorgeous Floral Wedding Cakes

Here's a wedding trend we can't get enough of: wedding cakes covered in real flowers. Not as delicious as the sugar variety, to be sure, but they have an elegance and simplicity that's hard to resist. Here are 22 of our favorite floral cakes.

Above: This Earth and Sugar design combines an unadorned chocolate cake with a riot of flowers.

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I love how the flowers on this floral cake by Pylon Cake, via Swooned, add an almost sculptural element.

A flower-bedecked cake by Patty Cakes, spotted on Style Me Pretty.

I'm not sure how they got the peach to stay on, but this is brilliant. The dark icing really brings out the florals. Cake by Jonathan Caleb Cake, spotted on Green Wedding Shoes.

The flowers ringing the lower tiers make this cake from Vintage Weddings just a little more fancy.

This cake by Love Inspires Change is adorned with just a few ranunculuses (ranunculi?) — so simple, so elegant.

Cake with peony and rose spray by The Cake Plate, spotted on Green Wedding Shoes.

This lovely cake by Earth and Sugar (via Brides) is nearly obscured by an exuberant spray of flowers.

I couldn't resist adding a few more cakes by Earth and Sugar, because they are stunning. Look at this little beauty. (They also created the floral cake at the top of this post.)

A 'naked cake' by S'more Sweets, via Brides.

Not technically a floral cake, but this lavender and sage cake from Susie Cakes (spotted on Style Me Pretty) was so lovely I couldn't resist including it.

This colorful cake is from a DIY by Coco Cake Land — perfect for a low-key wedding or even a birthday party.

A cake with peonies and lovely buttercreme ridges by The Cake Tutor, spotted on Style Me Pretty.

Kumquats are a sweet and unique touch on this cake from Style Me Pretty.

A cake covered in sweet pea blossoms from Style Me Pretty.

Another lavender cake by Sweet and Saucy Shop, spotted on Style Me Pretty.

This cake by Sugar Bee Sweets (via Brides) is proof that flowers can work colorful cakes, too.

The separated layers give this cake from The Knot a traditional feel, while the white peonies add an elegant touch.

Blackberries add a touch of color to this creation by Nine Cakes, spotted on Style Me Pretty.

Succulents on a cake are unexpected but surprisingly lovely. Cake by The Butter End, via Brides.

A beautiful white cake covered in peonies, from Style Me Pretty.

Blueberries and roses adorn an elegant cake from Mod Wedding.

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