DIY Wedding Tips From the Pros: How To Choose Your Invite Theme

DIY Wedding Tips From the Pros: How To Choose Your Invite Theme

Kathryn Bacalis
Jun 27, 2013

It's often said that planning a wedding can feel like learning a new language. As a wedding photographer, I can definitely attest to this. The moment you get engaged, you step into a whole new world complete with its own foreign jargon, list of expectations and varied recommendations, both good and bad. This month, we are meeting with some of the industry's best and asking them to give us some solid tips for all the engaged couples out there...

Today's tip is from Britt and Ava, owners of Banshee Press, a Denver based design, letterpress, silkscreen and etching studio specializing in hand-printed art and ephemera (cards, invitations and the like). We got to sneak a peek inside their bustling studio, get one of their best tips, and capture some of their amazing work!

Britt tells me how very often in her line of work, she talks to brides and grooms that have an idea of how they want their wedding to look and feel, but are unable to put that aesthetic into words. So how do you take the grandness that you are envisioning in your head and communicate that to your wedding vendors? 

A good place to start defining your wedding theme is with your invitations! Britt simply outlined for us a couple tips on how to define your wedding invite theme and how to successfully communicate that vision to your designer. Here are her tips for how to develop your theme and make it easier for your designer to make something you will love.

Britt's Tips on How To Define Your Wedding Invite Theme:

  • Find SPECIFIC examples. Movies are great references, but the entire movie The Great Gatsby is too broad. What do you love about it? Specific patterns, colors or details?
  • When thinking about an era or overall feel for the theme, don't say "vintage", "contemporary", or "modern". Which vintage? It could be old west, or art deco. Modern could be futuristic or minimalist. 
  • Think about your fonts and your wording. This will play a big part in the layout and design of the invitations. Big and bold? Romantic and script? Whimsical wording, or traditional?
  • Are there specific elements you want to include in the suite? Banners, monograms, flowers, symbols etc?
  • Keep in mind the possibility of embellishments such as envelope liners, belly bands, outer enclosures, different shaped cards, adding feathers, leaves, pressed flowers etc.
  • Get creative! We love nothing more than making beautiful and totally unique wedding suites. The more imagination you have the better, and the more we can customize your suite for just the right fit.

Thanks, Britt & Ava


(Images: Kathryn Bacalis )

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