Weekend DIY Project: Make a Simple Nightstand from IKEA Expedit Shelving

Tabitha wrote in to share a quick and easy IKEA hack for the bedroom. While making over her bedroom on a budget, Tabitha looked everywhere for a simple and sophisticated table for her bedside. Although she had an idea in her head of what she wanted —crisp lines, modern feel and bright white — she just couldn't find the perfect thing.

Tabitha first searched online for a few days, finding similar items at a high cost and finally found a table that mirrored the picture in her head...but it was too large and almost $1000. So, it was back to the drawing board:

I started bribing my husband to make them for me, with a little help of course, and we began pricing out wood, paint and tools for the project. Then one night it hit me and I immediately hopped online to check out the Expedit shelves from IKEA. We measured again just to be sure, and YES, we could fit one on each side of our bed, and for a price tag of under $40 each, it was a steal. Although we used just three pieces from the kit, it was a way better deal than starting from scratch or paying top dollar for some simple nightstands.

Many thanks for sharing Tabitha! We are so glad you found what you wanted at last...

(Image credits: Tabitha Blue)