Weekend Goals?

Weekend Goals?

Jonathan B.
Nov 16, 2007

It's the weekend before Thanksgiving. In true American tradition, we've got the day off, so we're rolling up our sleeves and finishing up a few chores around the house. There's the pile of wood scraps that needs to go to the recycler; the hot pink paint job that seemed like a really good idea six months ago; the door that's missing a knob. Oh... and did we mention the leaves?

Here are a few tips for handling your weekend chores:

Those experienced with DIY projects keep two lists: a "To Do" List and a "Done" list. It's a great way to keep from feeling overwhelmed. • Very little actually needs to go in the trash. Scrap wood, for example, can be recycled; paint, donated or reused; unwanted furniture, sold or given away. Check out local resources like Craigslist and NYC Stuff Exchange for ways to avoid the dump. • A little bit of liquid refreshment can keep you going through real drudgery. It's raining and cold here, so we're about to put a big pot of apple cider on the stove. (Gentle reminder, kind readers: rum, ladders, and power tools—and combinations thereof—don't mix.)

What are your goals for the weekend?

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