Weekend Meditation: Put Chairs Outside and Sit Down

Weekend Meditation: Put Chairs Outside and Sit Down

Laure Joliet
Jun 9, 2009

I've been living somewhat stressed out recently and the last thing I need is to have more chores on the list. So right now the plants are lucky they're getting watered, forget about maintenance (though I did give them some worm gold over the weekend). This image reminded me that though you can dress your balcony (or any outdoor space) to the nines, sometimes its more important to have a spot to sit down and just enjoy the view:

With Summertime approaching and lots of plans for entertaining, traveling and projects it's easy for me to get buried in my to do list and forget to appreciate the weekends for what they are: an opportunity to destress and soak in some free time. Instead of cramming more in, I'm planning on taking some of Gregory's meditation advice and spend some time just sitting outside and breathing. The projects can wait, the phone calls can be made later, and the house doesn't need to be spotless. I live across the street from a park now so the balcony looks out over people lawn bowling and giant trees changing colors and adding new growth. It's time to spend a moment noticing the...well the moment really.

How do you enjoy the moment? Does gardening help? Does a clean house help?

(Image: Frances Stramp)

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