Weekend Project Assignment: Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

There are few things as satisfying as needing something, going to where you think it should be, and finding what you needed right where it belonged. The Apartment Therapy Weekend Project is all about tiny, bite-sized tasks you can tackle on the weekends that will make your life better. And having a clean, organized medicine cabinet with easy-access to what you need (and not overflowing with old things you don't) is a simple and quick way to restore sanity to your bathroom.

Weekend Project: Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

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That small little storage area in your bathroom seems to be an absolute magnet for loose bobby pins, expired medicine bottles and a whole bunch of other not-so-useful items. This weekend, take a small bit of time to:

  • Clean out your medicine cabinet (properly dispose of expired meds, take out what you don't need)
  • Clean your medicine cabinet (scrub and polish, inside and out)
  • Incorporate organizing tools (baskets, risers, magnetic strips, etc.)
  • Figure out what you most need to store in your medicine cabinet
  • Restock and step back to enjoy

As always, we'll have an Apartment Therapy blogger doing this project alongside you. This weekend, Shifrah Combiths will bravely share before photos of her medicine cabinet and then take us through her process of sprucing it up, all leading up to the final beautiful reveal.

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(Image credits: Marcia Prentice; Carolyn Purnell; Sherrie and Oliver )