Weekly Dust Reminder: Wipe the Top of Your Monitor

Weekly Dust Reminder: Wipe the Top of Your Monitor

Gregory Han
Mar 20, 2008

There's often no greater surprise than when you take a peek ontop your computer monitor...dust, dirt, animal fur...it's all up there. It's an often neglected region of your desk/desktop and we recommend you take the time once a week to keep your tried and true companion spic 'n span with just a lightly water dampened lint-free cloth (paper tissues leave residue)...

Just remember to turn off and unplug your monitor before beginning your cleaning, lest you get cleaned of your senses with a shock. And avoid glass or household cleaners, they both leave streaks and can ruin LCD screens.

We do recommend IKlear sprayed onto a lint-free cloth, but honestly, water seems to work just as well with patience. If you have a particular stain you need to remove that water itself won't get out, mix in a 30-50% rubbing alcohol mixture to your water solution before cleaning; spray on top cloth, not directly onto the monitor.

[photo: Faith from The Kitchn]

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