Weerol Toy Grows With Your Child

Weerol Toy Grows With Your Child

We can see why this toy has taken Kickstarter by storm; Weerol is a sustainable modern toy that can be customized and endlessly reconfigured to grow with your child's changing needs and interests. Yes, this is exactly how we roll.

Frustrated by the dearth of quality toys for his toddler and skeeved out by the proliferation of plastic throwaways, designer Derek Perkins got to work in his garage and dreamed up Weerol. It can be a walker/stroller, a riding toy or a wheel barrow. Multiple kits can be stacked to create a shopping cart or linked together as trains, and the Rok'nrol introduces the option of a rocking toy and a gliding caster toy. On top of endless functionality, it looks good.

Intrigued? Learn more at Kickstarter and check out Weefab.

Thanks to AT reader Kate for bringing Weerol to our attention!

(Image: Weerol)

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