The Cell Phone vs. a Traditional Alarm Clock?

Last week we showed you 10 awesome alarm clock options, but we're curious how many of you choose to use your cell phone alarm clock instead. We've had a beloved Sony alarm clock for several years, but since we moved a month ago, we haven't even bothered to plug it in!

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The Sony model we love so much is no longer carried in stores and we've always sworn by it's conveniences to help us rise in the morning, but recently we've developed a certain passion for our Blackberry alarm.

At first, we thought it would be too complicated to operate in the sleepy-eyed morning stupor that results from a 5am wake up time, but the second we hear its sound shatter the darkness of the still dark morning, we're wide awake. Granted, it doesn't hurt that it plays Black Betty from Ram Jam, but we haven't had a single issue where our more traditional clock had us hitting the snooze a few too many times and getting our days off to a slow and slightly lazy start.

Do you use your cell phone to wake you up, or use the more traditional alarm clock we all know and love so well?

[Image: Flickr member digitpedia and mahalie licensed for use by Creative Commons]

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