Welcome: AT Boston!

Welcome: AT Boston!

Jeanine Brennan
Sep 17, 2008

Welcome AT Boston Readers! We're so thrilled to have our own AT site! Boston has so much to offer and we're all looking forward to working together with you-- finding the fun stores, sharing design ideas and getting to know each other as a design-savvy community.

Our beautiful city is full of old world charm, historic architecture, rocky coastlines and fresh, modern ideas. We're excited to hear from Boston and our close New England neighbors in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine, pulling you all together as an AT community and finding out what interests you, and the design ideas that make you excited.

Now that the Big Dig is over, our city's downtown is changing, new neighborhoods and stores are emerging, loft conversions are happening and new buildings are being built. We're looking forward to exploring these with you, as well as showing off your cities and neighborhoods, stores, and design both on and off the beaten path all over New England.

Don't forget to tag your flickr photos "apartmenttherapy boston" and send us your questions and ideas. Email us at boston@apartmenttherapy.com.

Welcome to AT Boston!

pics: 1, 4, 5: yeowatzup's flickr photostream

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