Welcome to September!

Welcome to September!

Heather Blaha
Sep 5, 2006

As some of you get ready to send your kids off to hit the books, others of you may be going back to school yourselves. If neither of those apply to you, chances are the onset of autumn (we know summer still lingers, we're just prepping a bit) reinforces fresh starts.

We're looking forward to getting back to the grind, blogging our brains out, and getting all of your brilliant tips, ideas, and house tours. Although it's Children's Month on AT, we won't stop there; we'll continue to blog all things apartment related and welcome your suggestions about living with kids (or not living with kids).

And if you've been wrapping up home projects this summer anticipating an AT house tour, send us an email including a few words about your place and a few good photos. We're on the hunt for new tours!

(Photo via LIFE.com)

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