Welcome to the New AT:LA!

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Forget the East. Forget tradition. This is LA.

Today marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for AT:LA as we officially become a group blog hell bent on capturing the far corners of LA design and home decor. After nine months, we're getting local.

Instead of one editor, we now have four, and we'll be adding more in the weeks ahead. The big idea? To celebrate and capture LA home style in all its forms from all over the LA metro area.

Each editor will be posting daily and pulling from deep in their own area. We want the front page of AT:LA to look the the face of LA in all of it's high and low eccentricities and original statements.

We will be starting slowly and adding more posts each week. We are looking over submissions for more editors as well and will be trying some out online. We welcome you to comment and let us know who you really like. This is your website. This is your LA.

Our Lineup so far:
Jonathan Lo - The OC
Turquoise - West Side
Gregory Han - Central
Molly Symmonds - Scavenger

Enrique - Godfather

Want to tryout? email editor (at) apartmenttherapy (dot) com with your name, location and one short sample post that shows some good shit and something missing from our front page.

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